Aspen & Snowmass Fractional Property Ownership

The Advantage of Fractional Ownership in Aspen, Colorado

Have you ever looked at a home with envy while you were on vacation and wished that you could live in a place like that? Perhaps you've even casually promised yourself that you'd have such a place one day. Fractional Ownership is your way to make One Day happen now, for about 4 weeks a year, and without the hassles or unlimited wealth you thought it would take to have it!

Fractional Ownership is NOT the same thing as a timeshare. Timeshares almost always involve a marketing company which is paid a substantial percentage as commission, meaning that less money goes to the actual hard value of the property itself. With Fractional Ownership, nearly all the funds go into the brick & mortar, the substance of the house, rather than salesmen's commissions and hype. As you can see, you're getting a lot more bang for your buck from this sort of investment. Moreover, your Fractional Ownership property will be maintained by a 4 or 5 star management company which knows how to tend to upscale owners and take care of the little details that make each vacation special.

The disadvantages are few and obvious: You still have to pay for it, and you have to fend off the friends who will be certain to want to share in your good fortune as the owner of a highly desirable property in such a prime location. The advantages of Fractional Ownership are many, both financial and personal. Before we get into them, lets define what the term means.

Unlike a timeshare, which leaves you as basically a stockholder, with Fractional Ownership, you and a specific limited number of other investors actually own a portion (or fraction) of a rather exclusive and desirable piece of property. Also unlike timeshares, the properties selected for a Fractional Ownership program are above and beyond the means of most everyone to afford individually. What this means to you is that you end up getting a much larger, more impressive home, with much better amenities, in a decidedly prime area. For example, it might be a 4 or 5 bedroom ski-in home at the end of a ski trail near the lift of a resort in Colorado. Perhaps you'd prefer a house on the beach in a highly desirable warm-weather location. If golf is your game, maybe you'll choose a home just off the first tee. Regardless of the type of property you select to invest in, because this is prime property, the care it receives is impeccable, and you get to enjoy that jet-set lifestyle during all of your vacations.

You can still trade time in your property with a Fractional Owner at another location, or rent it out if you're not going to be using it (often at a substantial profit.) The big advantage in this facet is that, rather than a mediocre condo somewhere near the fringes of the desired areas, you'll be staying at an equally prime location at another destination of your dreams.

When you compare the value you receive (and the equity retained,) Fractional Ownership is really a no-brainer. While timeshares depreciate and hotels are obviously a total financial loss, your Fractional Ownership's value may very well increase in value, allowing you to sell it for more than you paid, even after enjoying it for several years! Since the property is a prime and highly desirable location, it will always be gaining in value and prestige.

Prestige. Yes, that's another advantage of a Fractional Ownership property. While others are staying at "some hotel" you'll be able to offhandedly mention that you own a place at the base of the mountain, or just off the beach, as the case may be. While others are sitting in traffic, you'll already be at the best place in the area.

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